You may laugh, you may cry, you may immediately quit your job. Besides SKIPPING the glazed donut this morning, this WILL be the best decision you have made:
Live in the MOMENT. You are where you are for a reason. Look around you and be thankful for the people and the opportunities.Don’t wish you were further along or you had spent more time doing this or that. Your ENTIRE future is ahead of you!! Don’t rush it, instead soak in the peace of knowing you are on your way to greatness!
STOP saying tomorrow!! If you decide you want to read a new book go buy one, if you want to start working out open your front door and go for a walk, if you want to spend more time giving back go offer to help your neighbor, if you want to move your LIFE forward…START NOW!
Don’t miss out on this FREE opportunity to move your life forward!!
Hop on the call at 12pm EST to find excitement and passion for the rest of the week. Not to mention, eat your favorite lunch and gain critical motivation! Sit back and listen!
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SPEAK positive affirmations over yourself! The world will bring you down, and leave you feeling defeated but REMEMBER the world does not decide what you do or what you don’t do!You are in control. PROVE THE WORLD WRONG!!
If you wake up every morning feeling like this guy…. it may be time for a CHANGE. CHANGE your morning routine, CHANGE the way you eat, CHANGE your physical appearance, CHANGE the way you treat others. BOTTOM LINE. CHANGE.
DON’T focus on how far you have to go. Focus on where you came from and the progress you have made. If I woke up every day and compared where I am to where I want to be I would feel de-motivated. INSTEAD I look at what I HAVE accomplished and take one more step ahead each day. Don’t get down on yourself. Even if you move forward by 1% each day you are making progress! You are becoming the person you want to be and striving for the life you want to live. Enjoy the JOURNEY!
You are in control! Don’t blame where you are in life on others. You can wake up each morning and decide the life you want to live. Make decisions that will push you forward. People may not support you, or they may say you are crazy, but REMEMBER this is your CHOICE not theirs.
UNDERSTANDING the seasons of life is critical to your success. Join me today and gain insight on how to fight in the hard times and how to enjoy the good times!TODAY at 12. (You can be driving in your car, sitting at your desk working, on a run… all you have to do is dial the number and listen!)
YOU ARE GREAT. Make a list of your gifts and talents. If you cannot think of any ask those around you. If they cannot tell you WHY you are special it is time to surround yourself with new people.Your self esteem is greatly influenced by those you spend most of your time with. If they are not people who build you up and make you feel confident, there is no room for them in your life. YOU are worth having people who believe in YOU!